WALL OF TOM is a 5 piece Alternative Rock band based between the sands of Santa Barbara to the pavements of Los Angeles, featuring female/male vocal duo Tommie Vaughn and Tony Grimes. Blending L.A. Rock Roots with West Coast Country swagger, WALL OF TOM expands past conventions with their unique vibe and musical palette - acoustic guitars, cello/ukulele, bass, and drums. Touching on the bedrock of Fleetwood Mac, The Pretenders, and the Pixies, WALL OF TOM loves to push and pull on the various threads of Rock’s DNA while remaining firmly focused on songcraft. With songs that celebrate aggressive loving, desire and release, heartache and courage, WALL OF TOM pulses and throbs on a mission to knock down walls, entice crowds with lush sonic stories and captivate audiences with authentic original energy.
Tommie Vaughn – Vocals
Meet Tommie Vaughn, Songbird for #walloftom Her favorite color is concrete black and she is a lover of unicorns and butterflies. She thinks heroin thin men with shaggy hair and a four o'clock shadow are irresistible, but beware, for whomever becomes her muse will likely become the next leading man in the trash novels she writes. She loves glam rock and her favorite pastime is blasting 'Get it On' by T-Rex while driving in circles in Elementary School parking lots, in order to frighten mini-van mommas, since she has no children. #songbird #rebel #moodygirl #singersongwriter #lookout
Tony Grimes– Guitar/Vocals
Meet Tony Grimes, guitar and co-vocals for #walloftom Tony enjoys collecting statues of bobble head Jesus, stirring up a mean cocktail and never thinks that it's too hot to get out of the kitchen. He is a master of Name that Tune 90's Grunge Edition and has an undeniable pied piper effect on children and small animals. He spent his youth growing up in the circus as an acrobat and now is a part time weatherman, since his left ear itches when rain is on the way. #guitarist #storyteller #weatherman #beerpongchamp
Kerim Imes - Drums
Meet Kerim Imes, #heartbeat and #drummer for #walloftom Kerim likes to rise with the sun to enjoy his yerba mate tea whilst practicing the gentle art of Tae Kwon Do in the early morning light. He fancies wild horses and did his time in the rodeo circuit, riding bucking broncos till his hair just got too long and so he turned his attention to fashion. A true daredevil at heart, Kerim has been known to spend weekends Kite surfing and paragliding, while wearing #johnvarvatos or rock climbing with his good friends #flea and #marcjacobs A true renaissance man, with a smoldering stare, he is-the most interesting man in the world. #drummerslife #drums #hitithard #backbone #lovernotafighter #dreads #band #hothothot
Louisa Wood- Cello/Uke
Meet Louisa Wood, Cello and Uke player for #walloftom Louisa enjoys running backwards on a treadmill, as she is texting in Chinese while blowing monster bubbles at the same time. She dabbles in witchcraft on lazy Sundays and has decided to spawn an entire football team- in her spare time from being a brain surgeon. She has a wicked cackle and could make a sailor blush with her choice verbiage, but tones down her bedside demeanor to a slow purr. She enjoys skipping, a midnight McFlurry and being called Doctor when she's feeling feisty. #cello #uke #bandmates #pigtails #doctor #runnersofinstagram #babe 🎻
Michael Robinson- Bass
Meet Michael Robinson- he’s gonna be taking over the bass strings for Wall of Tom. Michael enjoys playing bass, playing bass and oh yeah, playing bass. His deep affection of music seeps out of his veins and he is a walking encyclopedia of music history 101, 102 AND 103. When Michael is not playing bass, he likes to out swim great white sharks and has been known as ‘that guy’ when people tell the tall tale. Michael’s doppelgänger is some fella named Tom Cruise- but Michael’s mission impossible is more of a save the planet type of thing- with a passion for rocks, he believes geology is sexy and thinks it’s quite funny to dress up as Indiana Jones every single Halloween. #geology #rocker #nottomcruise
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